Renters' Services

To be the premier provider of quality housing and services through unique understanding and unrelenting commitment to individuals and families.  People are my strength, achieving success through dedication to excellence and integrity.
Shanna grew up in central Minnesota. She values hard work and has the mid-west spirit of determination and grit. No matter how big or small the job is, Shanna will always get it done. In the Twin Cities, for 12 years, she worked for a marketing company. Wanting to live somewhere warmer and looking for new adventures, Shanna moved to Arizona in 2007 and still thinks its cold in the winter in Arizona!!
Shanna has held many management positions in her employment and managed many employees. In December 2014, Shanna started her own business, Wind Therapy Rides, that provides motorcycle passenger rides. Shanna has been riding for 20 years and enjoys the wind in her hair and open roads with her husband Jim. Shanna and Jim have 3 children between them and are active parents.
Shanna started working for Gregory Real Estate & Management in September of 2015 as an assistant and quickly it was realized that she was a leader and of superior intellect and needed more challenges. Shanna has acted as Office Manager for 3 years. She excels at working with problems and finding a reason solution. She has superior accounting, management, marketing and problem solving skills.
In May 2018, Shanna became a licensed Realtor. She has continued her role as Office Manager but is working on a new endeavor that will be launched in the near future and that is to be a client-focused rental agent. Shanna will be working with tenants to focus on providing that with the service that many tenants don't receive and get lost in the expansive rental market in Arizona. Shanna will also be doing sales on a referral basis. For all of your real estate needs, don't hesitate to contact Shanna, if she can't assist she has a lot of avenues that she can help lead you in the right direction.