Property Management

Gregory Real Estate and Management LLC and is a full-service Property Management Company serving all over Phoenix Valley Metro for the past 16 years.  We specialize in residential rentals, multi-family rentals and absent owner monitoring. Gregory Real Estate and Management works with homeowners, businesses and investors to protect their assets, maximize rental returns and minimize the hassles associated with property management. With our extensive marketing plan and proven track record, we are one of the most dependable property management companies in the Phoenix area.


Here are just a few benefits extended to our distinguished clientele:

      Ø 16 years of established residential property management

      Ø Flat fee structure: Never any hidden fees which includes rental of your property

      Ø Monthly Owner Payments and Statements indelibly executed when promised

      Ø Rental qualifications and contracts that have proven solid over the years

      Ø Minimal fees for evictions on the rare occurrence should it be necessary

      Ø FOR AGENTS – We are not a competing broker! We don’t sell! Bring us your client and when it is time to sell, we make sure they come back to you

      Ø Out of House Maintenance – Using only vendors certifies no mark up on  maintenance fees

      Ø Happy to use vendors of your choosing utilizing your established relationships

      Ø DISCOUNTS for properties with lease and tenants already in place

      Ø Very high lease renewal rate, our team works them 3 months out to ensure continual tenants in each property

      Ø Strict rental guidelines and requirements for tenants

      Ø Inspecting the interior of properties every 6 months

      Ø Vacation monitoring where properties are checked on a monthly basis

      Ø Powerful Management system tracked through AppFolio, encompassed with full charge bookkeeping, invoicing, AR, AP and collections with direct deposit into most US banks

      Ø Hands on day to day operations; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week answering service  for emergencies

      Ø Continual education for Broker, Agents and Employees

      Ø Negotiate comprehensive leases

      Ø Assist with City and HOA issues

      Ø Debt repayment collections through JMH law with proven results